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Monday, January 4, 2010

Grane as Dancing Santa


I want to share this video.
I loved it because my daughter laughed really hard because of this.
I liked it when my daughter laugh like this.

This is because of Santa Yourself application.
Where in you can change the Santa's face into anyone you like.
I tried it myself and it is really funny.
It is a dancing Santa greeting application.

I got it from facebook when my friend there sent it to me.
So I made another one with my daughter's face to sent it to my relatives and friends as a Christmas greeting.
She noticed it when I'm done working on it so she sat on my lap to take a peek.

She really laughed out loud most of the time when she watched the video and asked me to repeat it again and again.
She likes Santa Claus and she was more amazed to see a dancing Santa herself.